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Attic Insulation

Did you know that the Dept. of Energy estimates that 80% of homes that were built prior to the 1980's are under-insulated, and a Harvard health study found that 65% of all homes are insulated below recommended levels?

From The Department Of Energy

By adding the proper amount of insulation to your home you can save up to 30% on your utility bills.

Does your home need more insulation? Unless your home was constructed with special attention to energy efficiency, adding insulation will considerably reduce your utility bills.

Much of the existing housing in the United States was not insulated to the levels used today. Older homes are likely to use more energy than newer homes, leading to higher air conditioning and heating bills.

Look At Your Ductwork.

Don't overlook another area in your home where energy can be saved - the ductwork of the heating and air conditioning system. If the ducts of your heating or air conditioning system run through spaces in your home that are not heated or cooled, such as the attic, then the ducts should be insulated and all joints should be sealed and repaired. Your ducts should have an R-6 rating. If not, you are losing energy and money!

Solar Guard

Solar Guard Addresses all three modes of heat transfer:
Radiation ~ Conduction ~ Convection.

The foil in Solar Guard can reflect up to 93% of radiant energy striking it. Its slim profile makes it easily fit between purlins and roof sheets. It's ideal for applications alone or in conjunction with fiberglass batts for optimal thermal performance.

  • No itchy fibers!! ~ Core is encapsulated
  • Resistant to birds and rodents
  • Safe - Superior fire ratings
  • Can lower attic temperatures up to 40 deg
  • Cuts energy consumption
  • Keeps warmth in ~ keeps heat out
Apply it anywhere!!
  • In crawl spaces
  • Behind recessed lights
  • Overhead doors
  • Metal buildings & outer sheds
  • Post frame buildings